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Many are those who have found their corner of paradise here. Visten fjord, depicted as one of the country´s cleanest fjords, takes part of the credit. Here you can walk into a great outdoors which is second to none. Unspoiled nature from shore to summit and access to a peace and tranquility seldom found elsewhere. The course of the river up Strauman (“the currents”) is like a miniature Saltstraumen (the world´s strongest tidal current near Bodø). Near Visten fjord you find our best fishing lakes. The scenery in Vevelstad may well take your breath away. Approximately half of the area has been incorporated in the Lomsdal-Visten national park. Helgeland has a unique birdlife. Approximately 250 species of birds nest in the area South Helgeland, and in Vevelstad there are excellent opportunities to see eagles and to have a successful “photo hunt”.

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